AI-FLOW is now available as a standalone Windows Desktop Application!
While the server release remains accessible, we recommend most users to opt for the Windows Desktop App for an optimized experience.

v0.7.2 (Latest)

New Features:
    - Full StabilityAI API now available. (To fully benefit from it, you'll need to set up file upload.)
    - Claude 3 now available.
    - Data Splitter updated to support a new "Manual" mode.
    - Layout View updated with a grid layout and the ability to add headings and text.
    - New Help action available for each node, with links to related content on the wiki/blog.
    - Visit docs.ai-flow.net to configure the file upload node if needed.
    - Various UI adjustments and bug fixes


New Features:
    - New resizable Display Node
    - GPT4o now supported
    - Output text is now adjustable
    - Nodes can have custom names
    - Flows can have custom names
    - Color can be chosen for each node
    - 3D file formats .obj and .glb are now supported
    - Models with multiple outputs are now handled
    - New configuration tab to enable/disable nodes
    - Layout View items are now on a transparent background (still in progress)
    - Be sure to visit docs.ai-flow.net to make the file upload node work if needed
    - Various UI adjustments and bug fixes


New Features:
    - New Stable Diffusion 3 node
    - New Text-to-Speech node
    - New Document-to-text node
    - Be sure to see docs.ai-flow.net to make the file upload node work if needed
    - Various UI Adjustments and bug fixes


New Features:
    - New "Open in Sidepane" action available for every node.
    - Nodes parameters and output can be displayed in a new sidepane view. 
    - Sliders are more precise.
    - Outputs can be hidden in the "Outputs" view of the sidepane.
    - Interactions with node actions have been improved.
    - Various UI Adjustments and bug fixes


New Features:
    - Quick Actions on Node Click: Includes options to Remove, Duplicate, and Clear Output.
    - New File Upload Node: Functional with a configured S3 bucket.
    - Templates Menu: Introduces a selection of basic flow examples.
    - Saving Flow as a Template: Now available as a feature.
    - Enhanced Node Interaction: Added scrolling capability when the cursor is on a node output.


New Features : 

    - GPT answers are now streaming.
    - New Transition Node to help organize your workflow.
    - Introduced a new button to remove edges.
    - Improved error handling for nodes missing a field; nodes in error are now highlighted.
    - Bug fixes for specific issues with the Replicate Node.