AI-FLOW is now available as a standalone Windows Desktop Application!
While the server release remains accessible, we recommend most users to opt for the Windows Desktop App for an optimized experience.

v0.7.0 (Latest)

New Features:
    - New resizable Display Node
    - GPT4o now supported
    - Output text is now adjustable
    - Nodes can have custom names
    - Flows can have custom names
    - Color can be chosen for each node
    - 3D file formats .obj and .glb are now supported
    - Models with multiple outputs are now handled
    - New configuration tab to enable/disable nodes
    - Layout View items are now on a transparent background (still in progress)
    - Be sure to visit docs.ai-flow.net to make the file upload node work if needed
    - Various UI adjustments and bug fixes


New Features:
    - New Stable Diffusion 3 node
    - New Text-to-Speech node
    - New Document-to-text node
    - Be sure to see docs.ai-flow.net to make the file upload node work if needed
    - Various UI Adjustments and bug fixes


New Features:
    - New "Open in Sidepane" action available for every node.
    - Nodes parameters and output can be displayed in a new sidepane view. 
    - Sliders are more precise.
    - Outputs can be hidden in the "Outputs" view of the sidepane.
    - Interactions with node actions have been improved.
    - Various UI Adjustments and bug fixes


New Features:
    - Quick Actions on Node Click: Includes options to Remove, Duplicate, and Clear Output.
    - New File Upload Node: Functional with a configured S3 bucket.
    - Templates Menu: Introduces a selection of basic flow examples.
    - Saving Flow as a Template: Now available as a feature.
    - Enhanced Node Interaction: Added scrolling capability when the cursor is on a node output.


New Features : 

    - GPT answers are now streaming.
    - New Transition Node to help organize your workflow.
    - Introduced a new button to remove edges.
    - Improved error handling for nodes missing a field; nodes in error are now highlighted.
    - Bug fixes for specific issues with the Replicate Node.


New Features : 

    - Replicate Node : Experience a diverse range of open-source models.
    - Edge Type Selection : New top-right UI button for selecting and using different Edge Types.
    Additional Information : Due to the extensive range of models available via Replicate, some may not be supported yet. 
    Also, as the Replicate API costs are based on processing time and hardware type, pricing may vary greatly between models.